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cell bulge
Soft Cell (source)


In 1839 Dr John Connolly, an employee of Hanwell Asylum, England, devised a means to end the use of mechanical restraint within psychiatry with the introduction of cushion-lined, soundproof cells where patients could be confined.


The hard plastered wall—the familiar boundary that defines and protects our vicinity… more


Pouring a Quilted Wall, Kenzo Unno (source)


Fabric forming produces inflated pillowy concrete. The flexibility of the mold reveals the malleable moments in the life of the material. As the woven container holds the mixture of cement and aggregate, restraints act with force to tame the mass as it bulges. In this instance, mold and material work together to create form, resulting in the hardened appearance of softness.


Joy Natapa Sriyuksiri

Erandi de Silva


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